Street flooding

Am I at risk?

Use the map below to see if your community is at risk from different types of flooding…

Put in your postcode or address in the search box on the map, then simply click the layer list you want to look at and the pointer arrows (>) to expand.

Use the application to find details of Oxfordshire County Council Drainage assets, alongside information on key infrastructure and flooding data from the Environment Agency.

Please note the Surface Water Flood Map Layers as defined by the Environment Agency – This information is suitable for identifying which parts of counties or towns are at risk or have the most risk.  It is unlikely to be reliable for a local area and very unlikely to be reliable for identifying individual properties at risk. In addition there are national assumptions concerning the local drainage network and these might not reflect what is actually in place at any given location.

Risk Map

The maps are intended for guidance, and cannot provide details for individual properties. The maps have been produced by the Environment Agency. You can view this information and more on the Environment Agency’s “check for flooding” map service or visit

  • The Risk of Flooding from Rivers map shows the extent and likelihood of flooding from rivers taking into account any flood defences.
  • The Flood Zones map shows zones of flooding without flood defences, as required for land-use planning purposes.
  • The EA Detailed River Network maps shows various watercourses.
  • The EA Flood Alert Areas are locations individuals can receive flood alerts from the EA.
  • The EA Flood Defences show the locations of defences built to protect against river floods with a 1 per cent (1 in 100) chance of happening each year.
  • The EA Areas Benefiting from Flood Defences show those locations that where flood defences are supporting mitigation against flooding.