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Property Flood Resilience Repair Grant

If your property or business has been flooded or significantly impacted due to flooding by storm Henk between 2 to 12 January 2024, you may be eligible for grants under the Flood Recovery Framework.

This grant is now closed to expressions of interest. Application forms must be submitted by 30th November 2024.

Following the flooding associated with Storm Henk Government announce funding for those affected, the announcement is here: Government payments for communities affected by flooding. There are a number of schemes available, however certain eligibility criteria will need to be met to access the funding.

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) along with our City and District partners have been working together to understand if the overall numbers of those affected meet the threshold to access this fund. We have recorded the required number of properties based on DEFRAs criteria, and this enables residents and businesses to access these funds. A summary of these are provided below and how to access them.

Grants being administered by OCC –

Property Flood Resilience repair grant scheme

Who can apply for the Property Flood Resilience Scheme?

The grant is available to residential and business owners where the habitable living or business area of the properties have been damaged by entry of flood water, necessitating drying out and/or repairs to the fabric of the building. Flooding in this instance does not include a flood from any part of a sewerage system, unless wholly or partly caused by an increase in the volume of rainwater (including snow and other precipitation) entering or otherwise affecting the system, or a flood caused by a burst
water main (within the meaning given by Section 219 of the Water Industry Act 1991).

The purpose of the Property Flood Resilience (PFR) repair grant scheme is to assist home and business owners to improve the flood resilience of their individual properties when they repair them after a flood. The outcome from this funding should be that if flooding were to reoccur, damage levels would be considerably lower, and property owners and businesses could return to their properties much more quickly.

Up to £5,000 (including VAT) is available per property to make homes and businesses more flood resilient and to allow them to recover more quickly from future flooding.

The grant is available to improve the flood resilience of a property; it is not compensation for flood damage, nor is it to be used for speculative work. It is for improvements to a property to reduce future flood damage. Only fully completed works that improve the flood resilience of a property will be reimbursed.

What will be required?

A property survey is required as part of the scheme to identify things such as where the flooding came from, and the best PFR measures to prevent or limit re-occurrence. A survey must be carried out by a suitably qualified independent surveyor. Up to £800 of the total grant money can be used to fund the cost of a survey. Any cost above £800 would need to be met by the property owner. For PFR purposes “suitably qualified” requires a contractor to have completed the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) Property Flood Resilience Industry Training.

Once the application is received, we will review and confirm its eligibility against the criteria set out by Defra.

Grants being administered by Rural Payments Agency –

Farming recovery fund

The government opened the Farming Recovery Fund on the 9th April 2024 to support farmers who suffered uninsurable damage to their land due to flooding this winter.  

Under the scheme, eligible farmers can access grants of between £500 and £25,000 to return their land to the condition it was in before exceptional flooding due to Storm Henk.

Eligible farmers are being contacted directly by Rural Payments Agency (RPA) outlining the support available to them through the Farming Recovery Fund and how they can make a claim.  

More information on this can be found here – Government opens fund to support farmers affected by flooding – GOV.UK (

Previous Grants being administered by the City and District Councils –

Community recovery grant

Your household will be eligible for a £500 community recovery grant if your residence was deemed to have been impacted by Storm Henk i.e. your residence was flooded internally or was unliveable for a period of greater than 48 hours.

This grant is now closed to applications.

Council tax discount

Your household will be eligible for 100% council tax discount for a minimum of three months if your property has been flooded, or is considered unliveable, as a consequence of Storm Henk.

This grant is now closed to applications.

Business recovery grant

Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) who have suffered severe impacts from flooding during Storm Henk can apply for up to £2,500 from the business recovery grant.

This grant is now closed to applications.

Business rates relief

If your business was directly impacted by Storm Henk, you will be eligible for 100% relief from business rates for a minimum of three months.

This grant is now closed to applications.